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Polaris RANGER DRIVING is a high-octane sport involving a carriage pulled by four horses, also known as four-in-hand, and encompasses three phases of competitions spread over three days: Dressage, Marathon and Cones. A three-member team navigates the carriage, which makes the sport of Driving one of the most spectacular and adrenaline-fueled equestrian sports.

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Polaris RANGER Driving Schedule

September 21: Dressage
September 22: Marathon
September 23: Cones and Medal Ceremony

For the Official Tryon 2018 schedule by day click here!

View Driving Photos

Haven’t seen Driving before? Click here to view a photo gallery of what you will see during Driving at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 from our official Test Event this Spring!

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